Els músics de Bremen
At L'Auditori de Cornellà
April 2013 (School and Family Sessions)
Petit Liceu


In the world of fairytales, nothing is impossible. The imagination gushes forth and unwinds, as if it were an everyday occurrence. For children, avid lovers of fables, the fact that a donkey, a dog, a cat and a rooster aspire to be musicians is not necessarily a fallacy. It may even be a comprehensible and praiseworthy desire given the disillusionment that domestic life affords them.

However, The Bremen Town Musicians is one of those tales that begins with a sense of great expectation: the fulfilment of dreams and aspirations… But as is the case of so many ideals, they suddenly fade or are forgotten in the face of limited opportunities that come their way. 

On this occasion and on stage, the dance teacher and narrator opts for another solution where flying is not at odds with having your feet on the ground. Who better if not the dancers to bring this dream to light?

Music, dance and puppets, as essential elements, are combined in this mise-en-scène in pursuit of a common space for expression where abstraction, suggestion and even illustrative features are manifested and shared in favour of a dramatic narrative; a dance-theatre performance, aimed at school and family audiences and, particularly, young children.

Joan-Andreu Vallvé

April 2013
Auditori de Cornellà
Sunday 7 12:00 -
Monday 8 11:00 -
Tuesday 9 11:00 -
Wednesday 10 11:00 -
Thursday 11 11:00 -
Friday 12 11:00 -
Sunday 14 12:00 -
Monday 15 11:00 -
Tuesday 16 11:00 -
Wednesday 17 11:00 -


Performances for family 12 €
Performances for schools 6 €

Other info

  • Sung in catalan
  • Approximate running time: 55 minutes
  • Age 3 and over


L'Auditori de Cornellà
Albert Einstein, 51
08940 Cornellà de Llobregat
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