Gran Concierto de Año Nuevo

26 December 2012   

Organized by Promoconcert

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Johann Strauss
Strauss Festival Orchestra

One of the most popular new year’s concerts for the entire family. The programme features famous waltzes, marches and polka’s of Johann Strauss, music that is typical for the imperialistic 19th century Vienna. In many European cities, this concert has become one of the most important new year’s events as a result of the enormous popularity of the TV show on the 1st of January performed by the Symphonic Viennese Orchestra.

The elegant and refined chamber music, symbol of the realm of Francisco José and Elisabeth de Wittelsbach (Sissi), has conquered an irreplaceable place in concert music. A season without the classical Great Strauss New Year’s Gala with unforgettable music like Blue Danube Waltz, Fairytales of the Viennese Woods, The Emperor’s Waltz and Radetzky March accompanied by the enthusiastic applause of the audience is yet unthinkable.

Thanks to the frequent performances of the Strauss Festival Orchestra in the most prestigious concert halls in Europe, this concert and the music of Johann Strauss have attracted more and more people. Apart from the quality of the orchestra you can also enjoy the beautiful voice of the soprano soloist. This concert is, in one word, an experience you will not easily forget.