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Bookings and payment


How to make bookings for schools?


As of 26 June 2015, schools can begin to pre-register for seats on-line through the Municipal Institute of Education (IME)'s website  This applies to school performances of the following shows: La petita Flauta Màgica, El Superbarber de Sevilla, La casa flotant, Guillem Tell, Cantant amb el Cor, Òpera a Secundària and Els músics de Bremen.

Bookings for educational activities:Starting on 1 September at 9am, bookings for the following activities can be made directly through the same site: Dress rehearsals, L'òpera: una emoció, Guided tours of the Liceu, The mystery of the score and Presentation of the activty.

Ticket prices (performances for schools)

Show price 6,50 €

Oh, l'amor! price 3 € (Free for participants schools)
Prices of other educational activities

El mystery of the score ........... 100 € *
School tours .......................... 100 € * 
Opera: A thrill ..........................  5 € 
*Up to 30 students

Registration systems

The Liceu’s activities during the 2015-16 school year

The system is based on a draw into which applications to take part in the Liceu's school activities are entered. Two further allocations of places will be made among schools whose applications were initially placed on the waiting list. 

To enter the draw, schools must register beforehand by completing the School Activities Programme (PAE) on-line application, during the following period:

From 26 June at 9 am to 4 September 2014 at 6 pm 

Remember that to enter the programme you will need: 
- A user code (your school code, assigned by the Government of Catalonia)
- A password: (your school's post code)

Applications from all schools (subject to a maximum of five per school) are eligible to enter the draw. On registering, schools will be issued with a number indicating their order of registration.

The draw
Draw: 9 September at 10 am
Results of the draw: between 10 September at 9 am and 16 September 2014 at 6 pm
Results of the 2nd re-allocation of places: between 17 September at 9 am and 18 September 2014 at 6 pm 

Confirmation of bookings
- Bookings must be confirmed after each new allocation.
- To do this, open the PAE’s on-line application to check if you have been allocated a date and time for the requested activity. If so, you must confirm your acceptance. If you fail to confirm, the places will be made available to others in subsequent steps in the allocation process.

IMPORTANT. Starting on 22 September 2015 at 9 pm, places that have still not been allocated for each show can be booked through the PAE’s website. 

Activities that can be booked directly (without entering the draw) 

The following activities are not part of the draw system and can be booked directly from 1 September onwards by completing the PAE’s on-line application in order to obtain a date and time:

- Guided tours for schools
- The mystery of the score
- Opera: A thrill
- Dress rehearsals (only one rehearsal per school)
 Presentation of the activty.


- You can make up to five pre-registrations per school but only one per activity (a single advance registration for a given show and level of education). 
- You must keep note of the numbers assigned to you when you register.
- If you do not confirm within the specified period, you will lose the places allocated to you and will be excluded from the draw. 

You can find the complete set of regulations on the School Activities Programme (PAE) web site. 

Form of payment

How to pre-register or make a booking

For bookings, you need only indicate the number of students (exclusive of teachers). Except in special cases, one teacher can attend free of charge for every 15 students.

You may book as many seats as you wish. In the weeks immediately prior to the premiere, any tickets still available can be booked directly by telephone: 93 485 99 23.


Once your booking is made, you will be given a deadline of one month to transfer the amount payable to “Fundació Gran Teatre del Liceu”, bank account number ES97 2100 4767 4802 0000 4250 at ”la Caixa”. It is vital that you indicate your booking number and the name of your school. 

Reimbursement of tickets

Any change in the number of seats reserved should be cleared beforehand with the Education Department. Tickets can be neither exchanged nor reimbursed. The price of tickets will be reimbursed only if the show is cancelled.

Information and bookings

Direct access to bookings:

Institut Municipal d'Educació
PAE's web site