Allegro Vivace
At the Teatre-Auditori Sant Cugat
May 2014
Petit Liceu Family

Allegro Vivace


With the show Allegro Vivace, Joan Font (Comediants) affords us an insight into the world of opera in an original and amusing manner. 

A young girl, in her eagerness to find a deserted premises to throw a wild party with her friends, wanders into some kind of warehouse that has been shut for many years. There, all of a sudden, she stumbles upon an odd and theatrical character called Vivace who claims he is in charge of guarding the warehouse with its opera treasures. 

The girl, a keen music enthusiast and well-versed on the latest musical trends (techno, trip-hop, ska, progressive, etc.), shows her ignorance of the opera genre; an ignorance which is akin to that of Vivace when it comes to new musical trends.

Nevertheless, Vivace and the girl have one thing in common, that is, their passion for mus

May 2014
Teatre-Auditori Sant Cugat
Sunday 11 12:00 -
Sunday 11 18:00 -


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Performances for family 13 €


Teatre-Auditori Sant Cugat
Plaza centre cultural, s/n
08195 Sant Cugat del Valles  
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  • Sung in catalan
  • Approximate running time: 70 minutes
  • Age 8 and over