Els músics de Bremen
At the Gran Teatre del Liceu
May and June 2014
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Els músics de Bremen

Rebellion on the farm

This dance performance relates the children's tale of The Bremen Town Musicians, in which a group of animals rebel against their cruel owners and solve their predicament by displaying shrewdness and unity.

The Petit Liceu shows are designed for different educational levels and are a great way to collaborate with the teachers. The contents that can be worked in the classroom, before and after attending the show, contribute to develop the affective, intellectual and social resources of the students, and they are related to various areas of the curriculum.

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May 2014
Friday 23 11:00 -
Tuesday 27 11:00 -
Wednesday 28 11:00 -
Thursday 29 11:00 -
Friday 30 11:00 -

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Performances for schools 6,50 €

Other info

  • Sung in catalan
  • Approximate running time: 55 minutes
  • Age 3 and over