Memorial Pau Casals Concert
Manuel de Falla
27 and 28 November 2013


The rebirth of a musical myth

The composition of L’Atlàntida spanned half a century, from approximately 1926, when the first idea surfaced in Falla's mind, to 1976, when Ernesto Halffter signed the definitive ≪Lucerne version≫. Jacint Verdaguer's epic poem, which won the special prize at the Barcelona Floral Games in 1877, was a key work of the Catalan cultural rebirth or Renaixença. In the hands of the composer from Cadiz, it acquired the patina of a legend, not merely because of his obsessive dedication to the task – which he failed to complete – but because of the sheer magnitude of the artistic enterprise.  Falla wanted to create a great religious, mythical and historical cantata by transcending Verdaguer's lyricism. His vast oratorio has special meaning for the Liceu for it was here, on 24 November 1961, that the world premiere of the first complete version of L’Atlàntida was held, with the memorable participation of Victoria de los Angeles (Queen Isabella) and Eduard Toldrà (conductor).

Three-part cantata. Text by Jacint Verdaguer. Music by Manuel de Falla (completed by Ernesto Halffter). Premiered on 24 November 1961 at the Gran Teatre del Liceu. Most recent performance at the Gran Teatre del Liceu on 24 September 1992.

Memorial Pau Casals

Pau Casals is both a landmark musician and a symbol of peace. He became a member of the Orchestra of the Gran Teatre del Liceu in 1896 and was outstanding for his commitment to democracy, freedom and solidarity. One instance of this solidarity was the concert he gave at the Liceu on 19 October 1938, nearly 75 years ago, in support of the child victims of the Civil War and the bombing raids. It was to be his last concert in Catalonia before he went into exile. The Gran Teatre del Liceu and the Catalan Government's Memorial Democràtic have set up the Pau Casals Memorial in tribute to this Catalan of worldwide renown in recognition of the man he was and all he stood for.

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary concert master Pablo Casals at the Liceu to mark the bombing of the civilian population.

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November 2013
Wednesday 27 20:00 G
Thursday 28 20:00 B


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Approximate lenght 1 h 20 min.