Official prizes

Grand prize “Francisco Viñas” of 20.000 €, offered by the Fundació Puig and the Fundació Gran Teatre del Liceu.
A contract offered by the Fundació Gran Teatre del Liceu and a contract offered by the Teatro Real of Madrid in the next seasons.
Gold-plated silver commemorative medal. 

Second prize of 10.000 €.
Silver commemorative medal.

Third prize of 7.000 €, offered by Associació de Liceites 4t i 5è pis, Law Firm-Bergós and Fra Diavolo.
Bronze commemorative medal. 

Fourth prize “Maria Esperança Salvans Piera”, of 6.000 €, offered by Ms. Cristina Bertran Salvans. 

Fifth prize of 5.000 €, offered by the Fundació Josefina Gironès, in memory of Maria Llopis, 

Sixth prize of 4.000 €.

All the candidates can aspire to any of the Official Prizes.
The amounts of the Official Prizes are subject to the tax deductions currently in force in Spain.