Official prizes

Grand prize “Francisco Viñas” of 20.000 €, offered by the Fundació Puig and the Fundació Gran Teatre del Liceu.
A contract offered by the Fundació Gran Teatre del Liceu in the next seasons.
Gold-plated silver commemorative medal. 

Second prize of 10.000 €, offered by L’Aliança.
Silver commemorative medal.

Third prize of 7.000 €, offered by Associació de Liceites 4t i 5è pis, Law Firm-Bergós and Reial Cercle Artístic de Barcelona.
Bronze commemorative medal. 

Fourth prize “Maria Esperança Salvans Piera”, of 6.000 €, offered by Ms. Cristina Bertran Salvans.

Fifth prize of 5.000 €.

Sixth prize of 4.000 €, offered by Hoteles Catalonia. 

All the candidates can aspire to any of the Official Prizes.

The amounts of the Official Prizes are subject to the tax deductions currently in force in Spain. 

Contract: the four main pricewinners will sing in the “Concert of the Prizewinning Artists of the 52 edition of the Francisco Viñas Contest” at the Teatro Real in Madrid (Refer to article 15 in the Rules).