Cycle Victoria de los Angeles concert from 9 to 14 december. Special conditions for subscribers

New Lied festival in honor of Victoria de los Ángeles

The birth of "LIFE Victoria - Barcelona"

Impelled by the Victoria de los Ángeles Foundation, the festival, dedicated to the genre of the Lied, pays tribute to the Barcelona soprano.

LIFE Victoria - Barcelona will take place from 9 to 14 December, in locations throughout the city such as La Pedrera, the Chapel of St. Agatha and the Superior School of Music of Catalonia (ESMUC) and will consist of LIFE Concerts with internationally renowned artists like Ofelia Sala, Helmut Deutsch, Ruth Ziesak and Ángeles Blancas, the LIFE Akademie, parallel training activities such as masterclasses with Ulrich Eisenlohr and various conferences and debates, and the LIFE New Generation Program, for young musicians of high quality in which 3 duets of featured young artists will be awarded scholarships which give them, among other benefits, free attendance to masterclasses and the chance to share the stage with soloists by performing a mini-concert of 20 minutes immediately before one of the main concerts of the LIFE series.

Innovation, new technologies and transversality

With a vision of transversality between the arts, the LIFE Victoria - Barcelona poster for this year includes an image by the graphic artist Rocco Incardona. Other elements of the festival are the Fila Twitter (#lifevictoria), a space reserved for tweeters and bloggers during the events, and LIFE TV, scheduled streaming retransmission of some of the festival events. The general public access to the LIFE Akademie activities will be free.

15% Discount to Liceo Subscribers

Season ticket holders of the Gran Teatro Liceo have a discount of 15% with the purchase of tickets by phone using the number:

93 5879538

The amount paid is a contribution to the Victoria de los Ángeles Foundation which grants the doner the right to attend LIFE Concerts, and as such, a certificate for tax refund can be requested in order to recover 25% of the amount on the tax declaration for 2013.

“Enjoy the LIFE, live the EXPERIENCE”

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