The new Artistic Director, Christina Scheppelmann, arrives at the Liceu

The new General Artistic Director of the Liceu has been last Saturday at the theatre, on a short visit to explain to the media the Liceu's future artistic project. 

In the meeting with the media, after Joaquim Molins and Roger Guasch presented her to more than forty attending journalists, Christina Sheppelmann exhibited with an innovative speech her commitment for the future. For more than one hour and a half she outlined her program spelled his program with open questions of the media professionals. 

Sheppelmann said that, above all, she believes that her goal is to preserve the quality. This means "great voices, interesting and innovative productions and collaborations with the main international theatres, a good orchestra and a good chorus".

The German Director believes that one must keep a balance and "have a bit of everything" but she also bets for contemporary creations and pointed out that "the responsibility for an opera house is also to create new operas." 

She believes one must maintain a balance between classical repertoire and lesser-known works -she personally likes the titles of the Twentieth Century but to design her program she will take into account not her own personal preferences but the ones of the public, as well as the suggestions of the musical director and always limited to the budget.

One should only spend what is entered and what it has to be done is "to seek creative solutions" but she thinks that "if something works, it is better not to change it" and adds that the tradition in the theatre should be respected. "I have a responsibility towards the theatre, the audience, the city and its citizens and also the people that still has not come to the Liceu".  

Scheppelmann convinced all journalists with seamless proposals, as is reflected in the news appeared in newspapers, blogs, social networks, radio and television.