Porgy and Bess wanders throuhout the city

Porgy and Bess which premiere will be on July 11, already wanders throughout the city. Yesterday at 1 pm 80 people, including 15 of the Cape Town Company, took part in a marching band that appeared in the middle of La Rambla and ended at the Liceu’s lobby with a small choreography which amazed with their live music and their dance full of vitality all the pedestrians that were walking around. 

Gershwin’s music has also invaded commercial areas of Barcelona, FNAC, Las Arenas, El Corte Ingles and La Boqueria market, where the Liceu Conservatory students will sing a jazz version of Summertime on Thursday and Friday. 

Sunday, July 13, the Cape Town Opera company will offer a concert of gospel and spirituals, jazz and blues, at 12.45 pm in Santa Maria del Mar church, open to everybody, as an international culmination of the Mass that is celebrated every Sunday at the church.