The Liceu obtains the ISO 50.001

The Gran Teatre del Liceu: first European Theatre of Opera in obtaining the certification ISO 50.001 in Energy Management System

The Gran Teatre del Liceu has taken one step more in its commitment to sustainability, and this year 2013 has obtained the certification ISO 50.001 in Energy Management System, returning to be a pioneer as a public equipment, and being therefore the first Opera House of all Europe in reaching this distinction.

This new certification replaces the previous norm UNE-EN-16001, that the Liceu obtained in July of 2011, and is fruit of the model of environmental and energy management of the Liceu, and a clear bet by the technological innovation with sustainable funding, that already has received diverse distinctions and recognitions. 

This Energy Management has given important results, reaching accumulated power savings of 40% (from December 2011), and consequently an important reduction of the equivalent greenhouse gas emissions, and on the other hand, it is also translated into important economic savings.

The obtaining of this certification ISO 50.001 will cause that the Liceu has as objectives:

  • The improvement of the energy efficiency, its use and power consumptions.
  • The promotion of the optimal practices in energy management.
  • Make easier the improvement of energy management for the reduction of polluting gas discharge’s projects. 
  • To allow the integration together with Certification ISO-14001 and EMAS regulation, on the environment.

The Gran Teatre del Liceu, at the moment, has also certificates according to the Certification ISO-14.001 and the EMAS regulation obtained in 2004, and then it was also the first European Opera Theatre of Opera in obtaining these certifications. All this certificates, with the ISO 50.001 are integrated within the Environmental and Energy Management System of the Liceu (SGAIE) 

This way it’s totally consolidated the environmental and energy commitment and the continuous improvement in the energy efficiency, the management of residues, the management of waters of the subsoil, among others important aspects that  characterize the Environmental and Energy Management System of the Liceu