The Liceu Theatre has received the EMAS Catalunya 2011 award

The environmental energy commitment of the Liceu Theatre. Excellent and efficient management of the eco resources.

The EMAS Club, the organisation of associations holding, in Catalunya, the prestigious European Certificate of Environmental Audit and Management, based on the EMAS (Eco Management and Audit scheme) which counts with the collaboration and support of the General Environmental Quality Department of the Territory and Sustainability, annually organises the EMAS Catalunya awards which pretend to excel and recognise the task carried out by the organisations as well as everybody’s effort to make it possible. The present year, this entity has decided to grant THE BEST ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION PLAN EMAS AWARD to the LICEU THEATRE for its ¨2009-2015 EFFICIENT ENERGY ACTION PLAN¨. The official ceremony presided by the Honourable counsellor of Territory and Sustainability, Mr. Lluis Recoder i Miralles will be held on the 15th December.

The above mentioned Action Plan is the outcome of a well done job, the success of which is based on an entrepreneur plan which is gradually becoming a reference model due to it being a pioneer in the field, a real example of success of the collaboration between the private and the public sectors using a performance contract with the saving guarantee oriented to a financial plan of the investments in energy use efficiency and technology innovation. With this plan, the Liceu is achieving and consolidating the energy saving efficiency, and in the last year a 26% energy saving has been reported, that is to say 2.150.000 KWT per year meaning the saving of 190.000 Euros and a reduction in the emission of greenhouse effect gas of 389 TN of CO2. But the most important issue is the commitment of the whole institution and the total support of the Liceu Management, which has decidedly kept the energy environmental commitment carrying out a responsible management of the eco resources.

The recognition of an institution as the Liceu theatre is the perfect example the action of a public group, emblem of Barcelona and Catalunya for encouraging other groups or associations to carry out responsible and society committed actions.

This is undoubtedly, a group success. 

“Environment is Culture and the Liceu Theatre is a means of communication.”