Join Amics del Liceu

Members of Amics del Liceu enjoy the following benefits: 

  • They can attend dress rehearsals of certain operas.
  • They receive the association's ordinary publications free of charge.
  • They enjoy the privileges the Liceu grants to its subscribers.
  • They can buy tickets during the special period reserved by the Liceu to members of the association.
  • They can go on trips to opera houses all over the world organized by the association.
  • They can obtain discounts on tickets to other Barcelona theatres and concert halls.

The association Amics del Liceu is a founding member of FEDORA, the European Opera Friends (Fédération Européenne des Associations et Fondations pour le Rayonnement des Opéras), and Juvenilia, an association formed by the youth groups of associations that support European opera houses.