Opera Europa

Opera Europa is the leading organization for professional opera companies and festivals throughout Europe.

Its members organize at least two conferences per year to deal with topics of practical interest and to facilitate the establishment of contacts for European co-productions and collaboration projects.

Opera Europa provides all opera companies and festivals with an ideal international forum for communication and presentation.



European Opera Days 2013

To mark the celebration in 2013 of the European Year of Citizens (a pretext to remind ourselves of the rights of the citizens of Europe), for the European Opera Day, Opera Europa is proposing the theme of Opera: Playground, which seeks to remind citizens of their right to culture and opera. The European Opera days are a unique occasion for the people in our city, our region and our country to get to know opera.

Why European Opera Days?
Celebration: to celebrate the art of the opera on a European scale.
Visibility: to attract attention to operatic art; to champion opera as a European art form; to show how alive and dynamic opera is today.
Accessibility: to open up the doors of opera houses to a new public and to make opera accessible to all.
Networking: to strengthen the bonds between the various opera houses across Europe.

European Opera Day 2013: Open Doors Day at the Liceu
Sunday 12 May 2013, from 10am to 6pm. 
As it does every year, the Gran Teatre del Liceu is taking part in the events to mark European Opera Day by organising an Open Doors Day.