L'elisir d'amore 4

This project comes with the intention of giving our own point of view of the opera L'elisir d'amore, making a visual piece that mixes two different production styles and use the theme of the play from the memories of a character drowns his sorrows in the "elixir". Characters that could be defined as a modern Nemorino.
These memories put us in the shoes of the protagonist and lead us from love at first sight, through conquest and ending with a marriage proposal, remaining latent love interested and our opportunistic Adina and ingenuity sad of our protagonist.
Besides, making clear that the story has not ended well, allow the viewer fantasize and speculate on what happened, you ask yourself why it ended that way and find out that, in essence, is a situation that could occur at any time, to anyone, today.
The elixir, a wine without more, is too special role in our work, because it is what allows us to discover the history, and also makes it a very special and curious that gives a personal touch to the project.

Authors: Arnau Clavero, Anna Oset, Michael S. Pino
Tutor: Daniel Torrico
Audiovisual Department, Degree in Design