L'elisir d'amore 5

L'elisir d'amore is one of the most popular operas ever written and the best known and interpreted by Gaetano Donizetti. This opera was written to order and premiered at the Teatro della Canobbiana of Milan in 1832. The story of the work is a love called peasant Nemorino, that to win the love of Adina landlord purchase a miracle potion to Dr. Dulcamara using all its assets. This potion is only Bordeaux wine and the doctor a quack. However, taking the potion, Nemorino behaves with confidence, this causes irritation to Adina, and she announces your engagement with a sergeant named Belcore. Finally, after a series of events, the protagonist get the love of Adina, he don’t know that the potion are wine and isn’t miraculous. As protagonists in this life have a birth, a life and a death. We walk a way in a world that marks us as people and where we come opportunities and impediments that we can favour or hinder us to reach our destination.
The proposed audiovisual realization are done with the technique of stop motion revolves around this concept. To compose the audiovisual, we only have used plasticine, we have built a purple liquid symbolizing wine, this appears to fall on a white surface, is the elixir of love. While the wine begins to slide down this surface show up a different moving elements symbolizing the main concepts and topics covered in the work, the money, the love, the marriage and the army. Finally, having done all the way, the elixir falls in a container.
In this project we have taken a very cheerful aesthetic with lots of colour, with the plasticine we have been able to adopt a bright palette of colours for make this piece more sympathetic. Regarding the audio, we extracted a fragment of the prelude to Donizetti's opera when this takes nerve, it helping to express us the importance and the growth of the elixir in the opera, together with the technique of stop motion coincides the tempo with the music.

Authors: Mikel Reig, Jonathan Romero
Tutor: Daniel Torrico
Audiovisual Department, Degree in Design