L'elisir d'amore 6

The opera L’elisir d’amore revolves around the love and the power that it has.
For that, uses the comedy and the taunt in some cases, but never forgetting about the humility of this feeling. Above anything, it communicates the game and play, but also the difficulties that love can present when it is starting. Sometimes because one or another, or the own pride don’t let love appear. And it is not until an external element gets into, in this case the elixir, love don’t surface.
Is this interaction and the changes in their attitudes what we get, what more impresses us, perhaps because it empathizes us. Is this what it tries to transmit this video; this essence coming from such a masterpiece.
For all that, the courtship it is shown as a dance, in which you can appreciate the different stages and reactions that every character is driven to. Starting with the first gaze at each other and the ignorance that goes with the proud, followed by the regrets and the jealousy, to the honesty and love. All this placed in a warm environment and full of color when love takes part and at last happens.

Autores: Laura Cárdenas, Esther Naval, Andrea Pasqual
Tutor: Daniel Torrico
Audiovisual Department. Degree in Design