Madama Butterfly 2

For the realization of this project we have centered ourselves on two fundamental issue of the piece of Madame Butterfly. The first one bases itself on the different cultures that Puccini takes reference off: the American and the Japanese. The main characters of the opera represent both; Pinkerton, the male character, is the responsible of the American culture, while, Butterfly, the lead character, represents the Oriental one.
The second issue that we have also wanted to represent is some of the main themes that are transmitted throughout the story, like, for example, love, passion and finally, tragedy.
Our project consists of a summary in which we employ many symbolisms and metaphores to demonstrate indirectly some of the most important elements of the opera. In it there is shown a process of preparation for the supposed date between the two characters, from the moment where make-up is applied and they are dressing up until the final dramatic scene. Pinkerton and Madame Butterfly appear intercalated as if it were a simultaneous process.
At the end, Butterfly's bird, her most precious possession of Pinkerton, escapes. This is the motive of her suicide, since she has no other reason to keep on wanting to live.

Students: Maria Hernández, Lander Larrañaga
Students in the third year's class "Projectes II"
These projects have been developed under the tutelage of Josep M. Marimon and Elisabeth Ferrandiz, responsable of the Audiovisual and Graphic department