Madama Butterfly 3

This Project takes as reference the emotional side of Madama Butterfly, focusing in the waiting and the despair that the protagonist suffers with the loss of her only son. The audiovisual is about the birth of Madama Butterfly, represented in the form of a flower and her fruit, the butterfly.
The pictures tell the emotional and close relationship that links them, and explains how the rupture of this union, represented as a web, makes Madama Butterfly wither, unable to continue living.
The required material used in this work has been diverse. On one hand we have used different fabrics, paint and wire used to decorate the set and the elements of the play, with the main objective of playing with different colours and textures of the fabrics.
On the other hand, in order to make the stop motion, where we have worked with Dragon at 25 frames per second, we used two cameras and a tripod, as well as two flexors to control the light. Once the production was done, we passed to the correction of images. In this process we have worked with Photoshop and AfterEffects. We eliminated some image's elements, we frame to 16:9, added saturation effects and modify colour correction.
The result we want to achieve is an audiovisual piece with an emotional, sensitive, manual, delicate and expressive value, which reaches viewers and convey the emotional character that the opera Madama Butterfly has suggested to us. 

Authors: Beatriz Lozano, Ana Bolshaw, Oihane Bastida
Tutor: Daniel Torrico
Audiovisual Department. Degree in Design