Madama Butterfly 4

In this video our will was to show the continuously changing Madama Butterfly's swinging mood, caused by her loyal, obsessive and encouraged love on a possible future shared with her lover. Because of this, we've used a white blossom to symbolize the main character, like the ones she throws around in her house when her lover has to arrive: they mean something fragile, delicate, breakable, volatile and changeable. Through this metaphor we show the change she suffers and the swinging mood of hers. To make this possible, we based the story on three essential parts: on the one hand, the fall of the petal from a tree, which comes to refer the fall of the main character from the hopeful life and motivation to keep on to desperation and stagnation. On the other hand, there's the transition of a pure white background that turns into grey through the course of the volatile petal (which means change, transition and letting go: the path that would mean perdition), and afterwards, from grey to a total black background, where the protagonist is victim of her own emotions and feelings and where the petal is stained with the blood of her sad ending and is dragged because of her own suffering to the end of life.

Authors: Sílvia Gil, Ferran Moral, Marta Ros
Tutor: Daniel Torrico
Audiovisual Department. Degree in Design