Madama Butterfly 5

The opera caused us the emotional kind of pain that gets physical. We wanted to base our work on Butterfly’s anguish. The destruction of her fragility, naivety and innocence is what corrupts its beauty. On one hand, we took as reference of the original the body parts we thought more significant: the belly, where the child has grown, linking life and death, and the breast, representing Butterfly’s sexuality. On the other hand we represent the man who submits the body with the symbol of the knife. She shudders to his touch and die in his hands.
Our intention is that the viewer should be, like Pinkerton, an admirer of the body presented to him. But throughout the video he becomes aggressor, destroyer of what fascinated him

Authors: María José Gil González, Laura Ventura
Tutor: Daniel Torrico
Audiovisual Department, Degree in Design