Madama Butterfly

With this project we wanted to delve into the essence of the plot of Giacomo Puccini’s Madame Butterfly. We have concentrated in its main features, aiming for a piece which ould interest both an audience familiar with the opera (who might enjoy seeing a different way of approaching the piece) as well as for a younger and/or inexpert audience (by using a more graphic and for them more familiar visual vocabulary: the genre of video clip). 

One of the most recognized musical passages of Madame Butterfly, and perhaps most poignant, the upper A bel di vedremo, was the theme chosen to structure our piece. The work was developed in two phases: the first consisted of a group analysis of the key elements of this sequence of the opera, which has sought to concentrate the determinants and all the symbolism of the work, and summarize its essence. In the second, and using the results of the previous analysis, the students created a piece that blends various styles and techniques -praxinoscope, traditional animation, Photoshop, stop motion, rotoscoping, etc.-  to give the opera a beautiful overview. Students were able to summarize the main plot of Madame Butterfly in very short individual animated sequences which were then joined together to create a single group work

The result is a dynamic and heterogeneous work, lively and agile, which immerses the viewer in the world of Madame Butterfly by Puccini, hopefully creating an enriching and rewarding sensory experience.

Students: Carolina Alvarado, Blanca Álvarez, Camila Barbosa, Noemí Batllori, Olga de la Cruz, Sara Galofré, Laura Garcia, Pau Gasol, Carles Gómez, Alberto Hernández, Sara Infante, Gabriel Kempers, Sandra Lamas, Marc Llopart, Helena Melo, Adrià Navarro, Ángela Pérez, Claudia Rifaterra, Ángela Rodríguez, Anamaría Solarte, Patricia Vázquez, Félix Woelky, Victoria Zamora.
Direction and editing: David Cid
Animation Workshop of the Graduate Certificate in Creative Illustration and Communication techniques