Il turco in Italia

Based on the importance given to music by Gioachino Rossini in Il turco in Italia, we have created this audiovisual where the sound is the protagonist. The music has been created and inspired from the opening that Rossini composed for this opera buffa.
Performing each character into an instrument, according to their ethnic background and their position in the opera, creating a musical dialogue following the plot of the play: a clash of cultures, a bizarre love game.

Relation between characters and instruments:
Cello: Geronio
Violin: Narcís
Zapateado: Zaida
Typewriter: Prosdocimo
Spanish Guitar: Albazar
Voice: Fiorilla
Lute: Selim
From the chromatic atmosphere we have recreated the most important spaces. 

Students: Damià Armengol, Júlia Llaugé, Dani Ferràndiz
Students in the third year's class "Projectes II".
These projects have been developed under the tutelage of Josep M. Marimon and Elisabeth Ferrandiz, responsable of the Audiovisual and Graphic department