Rigoletto 2

This audiovisual piece is focused on the main character’s duality, Rigoletto the jester, who represents the grotesque and the sublime, the cruelty, the hypocrisy, and the filial love. In the opera, this duality is portrayed by means of the interaction between aristocracy and his daughter. 

With this animation it is expected to create a visual metaphor about Rigoletto that is structured in three parts, and reflects the behavioural metamorphosis the main character undergoes. This metaphor is represented with a versatile mass of lines that will bit by bit change its shape.


Firstly, the dark and threatening environment arouses a hostile and frantic behaviour in the main character, which fills him with evil. Secondly, with the appearance of the daughter, portrayed with a fragile ball of light, the main character’s behaviour becomes sweeter and cheerful. Finally, darkness arouses again, threatening the “ball of light”, and, with an impulsive act, Rigoletto puts an end to his daughter’s life.

Authors: Alejandra Lazo and Albert Pozo
Tutor: Sergi Carbonell 
Subject: Audiovisual Project, Degree in Design