Rigoletto is a drama of passion, insincerity, revenge and love. We have decided to focus on the role the woman takes in this story. This tale presents the character of Gilda, the daughter of Rigoletto and lover of the Duke. Throughout the story we can see how she is being manipulated without being able to decide for herself what is done to her life. By translating this famous aria “La donna e mobile” we can clearly see how the women are represented in Verdi’s piece.

Woman is flighty like a feather in the wind. She changes her voice and her mind. Always sweet pretty face, in tears or laughter she is always lying.

Our aim in this project was to reflect the idea of the woman as an object to the viewer. Although the tale has already more than 200 years of history, we believe this idea is something that we still see nowadays. We brought this idea to the fashion world, more properly to a model’s life, or what we believe it might be so. The short video begins with this model showing its pure essence, as she is naturally, and how this one is being manipulated and changed by someone else’s hands, losing its essence. The close-up views of her being changed mixed with fast flashes, which represent her true feelings, are seen throughout the video; awaking her thoughts and leaving her with no spirits to continue.

Authors: Andrea Forment, Paz Torres, Ekiñe San Sebastian and Inés Graells 
Tutor: Sergi Carbonell 
Subject: Audiovisual Project, Degree in Design
Thanks to: Javi Goya and Claudia Morera