The opera 2

The proposal to make a video, to give a personal view of the operas that plans to release the Gran Teatre del Liceu, was realized with the students of Audiovisual Communication in their second year of high school.

They got close (from a certain "strangeness" to the operatic phenomenon) to the operas L’elisir d'amore, Street Scene and Lohengrin, looking for those elements that could represent themselves: the issues, the ritual of going to opera, etc ...

In the case of Donizetti's opera, obviously the magic of love, the seduction, the "potion" was an element that attracted them and on which they worked from different approaches, both stylistic and technical.

On the other hand, the mythical world and the complexity of Wagner's Lohengrin resulted in proposals that were often hard to be specific about.

The results reflect their character of class exercise, constrained by the timing and conditions of our multidisciplinary workshop, and point in the expected, but not less rewarding, freshness of the young vision. A vision residing far from the operatic "etiquette".

The more casual of the proposals is sign by Rosa Llinàs, Ariadna Cano and Laura Rufas. Their intention is to give a youthful, fun and fresh image of opera. To do that, anything better than seeking the complicity of family and friends that strip without complex humming the unforgettable The Queen of the Night song, undoubtedly one of the most popular operas for the uninitiated to bel canto.