Das Rheingold 2

This project is born from the feelings and emotions that we recived from Das Rheingold.
We’ve tried to show all those inputs into and emotional work, playing with textures simulating feelings, and with the constant apparition of our protagonist; the golden, which will be in contact with the four principal emotions.
With this narrative structure we wanted to insist in the four acts, the four panels this opera is divided, playing with the multi-screen to transmit a fusion of all the separate emotions. Each panel will have his protagonist in the right moment and in a determinate order, which the spectator will be able to follow and understand perfectly.
In the first panel we can see the movement and volume of the Rhin and the golden. The water in the glasses is always moving, but not in the same intensity all the time. In a determinate moment we can see the golden entering into the water so we understand how strong and powerfull it is.
In the next one, we _nd out the smoke who represent the entrance on the Gods. The density and fluidity of the smoke is getting bigger in the mesure taht the Gods are enfronting the trouble of paying the giants. Golden sparks appear; they simbolize the idea of paying the giants with the Rhin’s golden. When the atention is getting to the next panel, the smoke keeps on moving, taking a slowly rest.
On the third panel we _nd out in the earthly world because the Gods have gone down looking for the dwarf. The strips moving more and more simbolize the chaos that there is since the dwarf has got the power and has enslaved the rest of his people. Those strips keep moving more abruptly simbolizing the need of scaping from the dwarf’s cruelty.
Black drops starts falling (black golden): the drwaf’s been captured by the Gods. Finally, the Gods have recovered the ring from the dwarf’s hands, but not before he has dropped the curse. The golden melts making reference at the descrution that will happen from this ring, starting for the dying of one of the giants.

Authors: Laia Cuberes, Sara Mengual, Edgar Sabaté
Tutor: Daniel Torrico