Das Rheingold

Das Rheingold is the first opera from the famous tetralogy The Ring of the Nibelung created by Richard Wagner.
After doing an extended analysis about this complex opera- with a huge amount of plots and characters- we could establish one connection between all the actions and elements that appeared at the whole opera: the concept of greed. The main message involved each of the characters that appeared, in a directly or indirectly way, eventually corrupting themselves, regardless if it were a dwarf, a giant or a God. That idea not only showed a fantastic tale with mythological characters, it spoke about how the humanity, over the years, end up corrupting.  In that way, anger universalizes the concept of greed to promote reflection about something that had happened, just happen and could become in a future and damage the human being.
Based on this main concept, this audiovisual try to create a debate showing the scenes in which each of the characters is overshadowed and dominated by greed at the moment that they have their first contact with the ring.
We formalized that main concept creating the opening credits of a fictional sitcom with the same name of the opera: The Rhine Gold. That sitcom will be composed with seven chapters, each one focused in one character.
The opening credits of a sitcom are always the first contact with the public and are responsible for showing the atmosphere, aesthetic and thematic, that develops the history. We want to introduce the public to this wonderful and fantastic world created by Wagner and we could introduce each of the main concepts of the opera, the relation between each of the characters and the ring.
The gold and the ring we represented with the figure of a baby because he is the son of the Nature. The baby is used and corrupted by all the characters and he become losing his own identity and we represented this fact with the path of the river. On the other hand, we identified each character with a key element about his own history and we represented in a metaphorical way, with kind of impact has the ring on them.
This is an audiovisual full of symbolism, drama and thriller that shows a new vision and a unique experience to the viewer about the fantastic history of the Rhine Gold.

Students: Astrid Vives, Ainara Carreras
Students in the third year's class "Projectes II".
These projects have been developed under the tutelage of Josep M. Marimon and Elisabeth Ferrandiz, responsable of the Audiovisual and Graphic department