Die Walküre 4

Based on the ending of the third act of Die Walküre, it tells the fall of Siegmund because of Hunding, and Brunilda escaping to the Valhalla trying to carry the bits of sword Nothung and Siegmund himself.

The piece is focused in the two main characters, Siegmund and Brunilda, them are represented in diferent situations, feelings and special narrative moments. We’ve used projected images on bodies characters. Projections are trying to express feelings thru images of nature like water, fire, sky, universe, etc.

We’re try to emphasize the deeper of the situation, also the feeling of the characters and show them in a delicate way, fresh and pure.

Authors: Jordi Dalmau, Kevin Sake, Eloi Canals 
Tutor: Daniel Torrico
Subject: Audiovisual Department, Degree in Design 
Thanks to: Nils Vinyes, Anna Pou