Die Walküre

The piece is focused from a non-figurative point of view and, starting from just one element that, by means of its movement capability and its look, expresses a great variety of actions, feelings, symbolisms and thoughts that directly connect with the public.

Following the rhythm of Wagner's piece of music, we manage this element not only shown as an abstract and ethereal shape, which provides an emotional and close feeling to the spectator, but also as a metamorphic element which sometimes becomes more literal through hidden human figures that transmit messages taken out of Wagner's opera.

In the project, the different characters have a clear-cut personality and every one of them adopts a different role in the story. In order to transmit this, we use colour. It can be red, which refers to humanity, it has both live and death; White, which represents purity, honesty and hope; and Black, which stands for power and fear.

These three colours are key throughout the story, since they are the ones that create the borders between two confronted worlds: the human and the divine. The closer we get to the end, the clearer we see how one prevails over the other.

Authors: Marta Serras and Laura Olivers 
Tutor: Sergi Carbonell 
Subject: Audiovisual Project, Degree in Design
Thanks to: Sergi Casero, Albert Pozo, Alejandra Lazo, Família Oliver and Família Serras