Rienzi 2

This abstract audiovisual work represents the power struggle that happens in Wagner's opera Rienzi.
The subject is the conflict of power between the nobles, who wish to continue their privileges, and the people, who want to regain the power it deserves.
The topic of the opera is very appropriate in the current economic and political crisis because there are many similarities between the current society and the society represented at Rienzi. Is a recurrent and universal topic in the human history.
In this audiovisual work we used symbolic elements to reference the characters that appear in the opera. The common people represented by iron shavings, small and scary, but able to join and form a big mass to do justice, the noble people are gold pieces in reference to his wealth, who try intimidate and neutralize the people. The two sides clash in a fierce struggle that will end with the victory of the people.
The treatment of the audio is an important part of the piece to transmit feelings, anxiety, emotion, strength...As an abstract audiovisual work, allows each viewer understand in a subjective way the events explained on the piece.

Authors: Gisela Escat, Guillem Font, Irene Mansilla
Tutor: Daniel Torrico
Audiovisual Department. Degree in Design