Lucio Silla

The opera written by Giovanni de Gamerra and orchestrated by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Lucio Silla discusses the love and power relations organized around the figure of the roman dictator Lucio Silla.
In our version of the opera, we focus the story on the love triangle between Giunia, her fiance Cecilio and the dictator Lucio Silla. The dictator, using their power, retains Giunia under his control because of his obsession about her, while she is feeling harassed and she is attempting to release herself by all the ways even considering to commit suicide.
Furthermore, Cecilio opposes to the oppression by Lucio Silla in order to retrieve his fiance, being captured, judged and forgiven by the same dictator, which finally recognized the damage he has done.

Students: Oscar Boix de la Peña, Sergi Soley Soler, Javier Zarza Bardet
Students in the third year's class "Projectes II".
These projects have been developed under the tutelage of Josep M. Marimon and Elisabeth Ferrandiz, responsable of the Audiovisual and Graphic department