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Kunst der Fuge
February 2013
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The mystery of Bach metamorphosed into movement

Kunst der Fuge, the first major ballet by choreographer Martin Schläpfer, has been a contemporary classic ever since it was premiered in 2002. 

Choreographer Martin Schläpfer sees each of these nineteen works of counterpoint by Bach as a door opening onto a totally new experience. They are fragments of different worlds, contemporary pictures of life that intermingle as in a kaleidoscope. The result is a theatrical work in which the language of movement -- demanding, diverse and imaginative -- constitutes a careful sampling of Baroque extravagance. The choreography has a place for everything, from the classical repertory to contemporary dance, from pure ballet to Tanztheater, and from pointe shoes to high heels. It is a monument to dance with an unerring aim: that of evoking the mystery surrounding Bach's incomparable works. The German composer worked for a decade on this musical confession, which he ultimately left unfinished. 

February 2013
Saturday 9 20:00 G
Sunday 10 18:00 F


13,50 €, 19 €, 25,75 €, 37 €, 52,75 €, 65 €, 86,25 €


2 hours and 15 minutes.