Jordi Savall Concert
Lyric tragedy in France in the age of Louis XIV and Louis XV
15 February 2013


Versailles comes to the Liceu

Jordi Savall takes us on a musical tour of the works of three composers who marked the operatic tastes of the court at Versailles for a hundred years:  Lully, the creator of the tragédie lyrique; Marais, his brilliant successor; and Rameau, the composer who revolutionized the idiom and style of the first genuinely French opera. 

Jordi Savall is one of the most interesting, renowned and award-winning musical personalities of the world of culture. Player of the viola da gamba, conductor, and researcher into ancient music, he and his ensemble — Le Concert des Nations, which he founded with Montserrat Figueras — offers us a programme entitled Lyric Tragedy in France in the Age of Louis XIV and Louis XV. The programme includes excerpts from Alceste by Jean-Baptiste Lully, Alcione by Marin Marais, and Les Boréades by Jean-Philippe Rameau. This performance is the fruit of his in-depth knowledge of French Baroque music, a major facet of his vast repertoire which has produced such magnificent results as the famous film Tous les Matins du Monde (1991).


February 2013
Friday 15 20:00 PE


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