Premium Tour Backstage

Hours: Pre-arranged visits for groups on specified dates and at fixed times.

Telephone: 93 485 99 14


Would you like to find out what the Liceu hides backstage?

You will discover the private areas of the Liceu in the company of a specialist guide.

The stage, the largest area of the complex, is the nucleus around which the whole building is organised. It is equipped for performances of opera, dance, recitals and symphonic concerts. The orchestra pit is the space in which the Liceu Symphony Orchestra performs. The orchestra and the choir are the Liceu’s two permanently employed groups of artists.

Beneath the stage and with a depth of 16 metres, the trap room provides space for storage and for mounting sets. At this level one can see the mechanised mobile platforms for shifting large-scale sets, thus making it possible to programme several shows simultaneously.

The tour also includes the dressing rooms, rehearsal rooms and other spaces. This is the true heart of the Liceu and the best way to come closer to the fascinating world of opera.


Although the Backstage Premium Tours are usually  for groups maximum 20 people, this season the Liceu organizes a backstage tour the first Sunday of every month at 9.15am so that people can join the tour individually. The dates are:

5 th July

3rd August.

During the tour, you will visit the stage, rehearsal rooms, dressing rooms, wardrobe department and the characterization room. The tour does not include any of the theatre’s public spaces (Auditorium, Hall of Mirrors or Foyer).

This is not a suitable tour for people with reduced mobility. Under-14s are not allowed on the tour.

The price for this tour is 18€ per person.