Visiting the Liceu

Located on La Rambla in Barcelona, the Gran Teatre del Liceu, or more simply “the Liceu”, is one of the world’s leading opera houses. Since it was opened in 1847 it has staged some of the finest international productions featuring some of the world’s most renowned singers and conductors. Its spectacular Auditorium and other spaces have made it one of Barcelona’s landmarks and an essential place to visit. 

The Liceu offers a wide choice in its timetable for tours, which include the Vestibule, the Auditorium, the Hall of Mirrors, the private club known as “el Círculo del Liceo” and the Foyer. There could be no better way of becoming acquainted with this architectural gem and approaching the fascinating world of opera.

Types of Tour

-Guided tour

The tour begins in the Vestibule, continues with the Auditorium, the Hall of Mirrors and ends with the Círculo del Liceo, displayed in its profusely decorated rooms is a unique set of Modern Style works.

-Express tour

Includes: The Theatre Vestibule, The Auditorium, the Saló dels Miralls (Hall of Mirrors) and the Foyer.

-Premium tour backstage

You will discover the private areas of the Liceu in the company of a specialist guide.

-Tours for schoolchildren

With an itinerary through the public spaces of the Liceu young visitors can discover the opera house from the historical and artistic perspectives. Intended audiences: from Primary School to Post-Compulsory Secondary School.

Note: The Liceu has a regular opera season and several activities that may require changes to part of the itinerary.