Changing performances

If you are unable to attend the performance of the show allocated, the Liceu offers subscribers the possibility of changing the date of the performance, providing there are tickets available.

How to request the change 
Up to 24 hours before the start of the performance in question if it is on a weekday, up to 48 hours if it is on a Sunday or public holiday, or up to 72 hours if the performance is on a Monday, by sending the change of performance request form. 

Change ticket form

Number of changes per season: 
- Season Turns (A, B, C, D, E, H and T): unlimited changes of day of performance per season
- Reduced Turns (F, G):  maximum of 2 changes of day of performance per season
- Popular Turns (PA, PB, PC, PD and PE):  maximum of 2 changes of day of performance per season

General Conditions
- Service exclusively for subscribers.
- If there are any tickets available, the seats may be changed for another performance of the same show.
- We will try to find tickets in the same category.
- Changes may not be made between different shows or for shows with only one performance.
- Once the change has been made, the ticket may not be returned.
- Only one change per show may be made.
- Changes will be confirmed by telephone. You must leave a contact telephone number.

Subscriber service

Tel. 93 485 99 13 (from 9 am to 7,30 pm)
If you prefer us to phone you, please send an email with your name and a contact telephone number.