Benefactors Program

The “Benefactors Program” of the Liceu is a way of individual support addressed to individuals who want to give support, with their philanthropic contribution, to the Liceu and to the development of its artistic activity.

The program show four ways of collaboration in order to adjust to all these people they want to get involved in our project.  

Participating in this program, all the opera and music lovers, and all those are interested in culture as a whole, they will benefit from a series of special advantages that allow them to enjoy the Theatre in a special way, and at the same time they will have public recognition of their support and they will take profit from the current tax benefits.  

Ways of Participation:

The Sponsorship Department of the Theatre is at your disposal to attend you and expand you the information about our Benefactor Program. 

Contact telephone: 93 485 86 31 

- Carles Abril
- Salvador Alemany
- Josep Balcells
- Joaquim Barraquer
- Núria Basi
- Manuel Bertrán Mariné
- Manuel Bertrand Vergés
- Agustí Bou
- Carmen Buqueras
- Cucha Cabané
- Joan Camprubí
- Cristina Castañer
- Guzmán Clavel
- Josep M. Corrales
- Manuel Crehuet
- Josep Cusí
- Antoni Esteve
- Magda Ferrer Dalmau

- Maria Font de Carulla     
- Mercedes Fuster
- José Gabeiras
- Jose Luis Gali
- Francisco Gaudier
- Lluís Mª Ginjaume
- Ezequiel Giró
- Jaume Graell
- Francisco A. Granero
- Pere Grau
- Calamanda Grifoll
- Francesca Guardiola
- Maria Guasch 
- José Manuel Mas
- Josep Milian
- José M. Mohedano
- Carmen Molins
- Joan Molins

- Josep Ignasi Molins 
- Josep Oliu
- Maria Reig
- Francisco Reynés
- Miquel Roca
- Josep Sabé
- Francisco Salamero
- Maria Soldevila
- Jordi Soler
- Karen Swenson
- Manuel Terrazo
- Ernestina Torelló
- Joan Uriach
- Marta Uriach
- Josep Vilarasau
- Maria Vilardell †
- Salvador Viñas