Cantant amb el Cor
In the Foyer
March 2015
Petit Liceu School


Clear your throats! Take a deep breath, straighten your backs... and sing!

The Chorus of the Gran Teatre of the Liceu is all ready to come on stage and sing for you. 

Not only that, but you're going sing with them!

The host of the show will tell you the stories of several operas and the Chorus will sing some of the best known excerpts. 

You'll meet the conductor and learn all about his important job and that of the pianist who accompanies the singing. 


Before you attend the show, you'll have to learn the songs at school You can find them in the TEACHER'S GUIDE

Intended for

Middle and Upper Primary School (ages 8-12). 

Teacher's Guides

In the Teacher's Guides you'll find brief summaries of the plots of the various operas included in the show and the words of the some of the pieces you'll hear. The scores of the songs the students sing during the show are there as well. 

Teacher training sessions

Free activity

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Servei educatiu
March 2015
Foyer del Liceu
Tuesday 10 11:30 -
Wednesday 11 11:30 -
Thursday 12 11:30 -
Friday 13 11:30 -

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School performances 6,5 €

Other info

  • Approximate running time: 60 minutes
  • Age 8 and over