Ballet Preljocaj

Spectral Evidence / La Stravaganza

The famous Preljocaj Company visits the Liceu

Spectral evidence shows the trial of four women. The geometrical lines of the set combine with John Cage's percussion-based music to conjure up a cold, frightening atmosphere until, between a man and a woman, feelings arise. Neither the ames licking the stake nor the dream of resurrection can prevent their encounter.

In La stravaganza music by Vivaldi is interlaced with contemporary pieces as bodies are hurled towards modern times. Couples are formed from all the periods of American immigration, only to destroy the group's rationale and transport it elsewhere.


February 2017

8Wednesday20:00Turn AFee 9
9Thursday20:00Turn BFee 9
10Friday20:00Turn DFee 9
11Saturday17:00Turn PDFee 9
11Saturday21:00Turn CFee 8

First part 35m
Interval 25m
Second part 35m

Total running time approx. 1h 40m