L’ocell prodigiós

Teatre-Auditori Sant Cugat

A puppet version of the legend of Stravinsky's The Firebird

The garden of paradise is home to all species of animals and plants, including a little bird the colour of re that nobody has ever seen. His ight is like a spark of light, his plumage is handsome, and his song bewitching... He's the wonderbird! Surely you've heard of him?

In this show, inspired by Igor Stravinsky's The Firebird, the piano and violin provide the music, while the plot is taken from a Russian folk tale and the legend of the Phoenix.

Puppets, actors and video images join forces in this unique production to tell a tale that will delight the young and the not-so-young alike.

Teatre-Auditori Sant Cugat


February 2017

18Saturday18:00Fee 15
19Sunday12:00Fee 15