Jules Massenet

Goethe's classic returns to the Liceu after 25 years in a production that has won acclaim the world over.

Wetzlar, Germany. Werther is in love with Charlotte but when she becomes engaged to another man he has to give her up. After her marriage, Charlotte sends him away. Driven to despair by his impossible love, Werther commits suicide and expires in his beloved Charlotte's arms.

In this opera based on Goethe's novel, Massenet paints a faithful portrait of a personage who embodies the Romantic concept of melancholy caused by disappointed love.

Willy Decker's Romantic-Expressionist production has already won acclaim in various opera houses. The contrasting colours and impossible shapes match the different states of mind evoked by the plot.

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Lyric drama in four acts. Libretto by Édouard Blau, Paul Milliet and Georges Hartmann. World premiere: 16/02/1892, Vienna Opera. First staged in Barcelona: 29/04/1899, Liceu. Last Liceu performance: 19/07/1992. Total Liceu performances: 51.

*Arturo Chacón-Cruz performs the role of Werther replacing Josep Bros, due to an indisposition.

** Carol García performs the role of Charlotte replacing Nora Gubisch, due to an indisposition.


January 2017

15Sunday17:00Turn TFee 3
17Tuesday20:00Turn PCFee 7
18Wednesday20:00Turn HFee 5
19Thursday20:00Turn BFee 6
23Monday20:00Turn AFee 4
24Tuesday20:00Turn PEFee 7
25Wednesday20:00Turn DFee 4
27Friday20:00Turn PBFee 5
28Saturday20:00Turn CFee 3
29Sunday18:00Turn PDFee 5
31Tuesday20:00Turn PAFee 7

February 2017

1Wednesday20:00Turn GFee 4
2Thursday20:00Turn EADFee 4

First part 75m
Intermission 30m
Second part 55m

Total Running Time 2h 40m