Romeo and Juliet


They said it would be impossible to dance and it is one of the most wonderful pieces

The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, immortalised by Shakespeare, combines impossible love, violence and death. In 1938, Prokofiev presented his version in Brno in a ballet that at the time was considered impossible to execute due to its rhythmic complexity. Eventually, Romeo and Juliet has become the composer’s most often performed ballet and the most famous musical version of Shakespeare’s tragedy.

Prokofiev stayed true to the play’s characteristic duality between lyricism and violence, which has also been conveyed through dozens of choreographies. The Liceu welcomes the version choreographed by Joëlle Bouvier, straddling tradition and modernity, for the ballet of the Grand Théâtre de Genève. This performance, which made its successful debut in 2009 with a live orchestra, is set within a timeless framework where the announcement at the beginning of the performance of the death of the lovers unravels a tale of unfading beauty.

Artistic profile

Artistic director
Philippe Cohen
Joëlle Bouvier
Serguei Prokófiev
Rémi Nicolas and Jacqueline Bosson
Costume designer
Philippe Combeau and Joëlle Bouvier
Light designer
Rémi Nicolas
Symphony Orchestra of the Liceu Opera Barcelona
Manuel Coves



November 2017

3Friday20:00Turn EFee 8
4Saturday17:00Turn FFee 8
4Saturday21:00Fee 9
5Sunday18:00Turn PDFee 8
6Monday20:00Turn AFee 8
7Tuesday20:00Turn GFee 9

Approximate running time 1h 20m

Reasons why you need to see Romeo and Juliet

  1. One of the greatest ballets of all times.
  2. William Shakespeare’s love tragedy set to the most acclaimed music, with the Ballet company of the Grand Théâtre de Genève.
  3. Shakespeare’s Verona interpreted in the light of 20th century soviet music.
  4. Lyricism and violence for one of the best-known ballets about Romeo and Juliet.