Un ballo in maschera


Elegant game of seduction and betrayal with the return of Piotr Beczala

Envy and conspiracy, but also passionate loves, jealousy, revenge and final forgiveness come together in the masterpiece of Verdi, which aroused the anger and prohibitions of censors of the time until the composer and librettist was compelled to make changes in it: from the original Sweden to far away Boston.

The great Polish tenor Piotr Beczala returns to the Liceu with one of his opening credits, accompanied by the soprano Keri Alkema. Vincent Boussard’s sets reinforce the dark and mysterious atmosphere surrounding the piece, which features costumes by Christian Lacroix and Vincent Lemaire’s sober staging, which allows one to focus their attention on the dramatic core of the score. The cast, directed by a true specialist like Renato Palumbo, also presents a leader in Verdian song: Dolora Zajick.

Un ballo in maschera

Melodramma in three acts. Libretto by Antonio Somma. Worl premiere: 17/02/1859, Teatro Apollo of Roma. First staged in Barcelona: 31/01/1861, Liceu. Last performance at the Liceu: 03/01/2001. Total Liceu performances: 150.

Artistic profile

Renato Palumbo
Stage director
Vincent Boussard
Set designer
Vincent Lemaire
Costume designer
Christian Lacroix
Lighting designer
Guido Levi
Stage director assistants
Heiko Hentschel and Leo Castaldi
Costume assistant
Robert Schwaighofer
Theatre du Capitole (Toulouse) and Staatstheater Nürnberg (Nuremberg)
Symphony Orchestra and Chorus of the Liceu Opera Barcelona
Director of the Chorus
Conxita Garcia
VEUS- Cor infantil Amics de la Unió
Director of the children's chorus
Josep Vila i Jover
Musical Director Assistant
Ricardo Estrada
Musical Assistants


RiccardoPiotr Beczala7th,10th,15th,18th,21th,24th,28th October
Fabio Sartori8th,11th,16th,20th,23th,26th,29th October
RenatoCarlos Álvarez7th,10th,24th October
Giovanni Meoni8th,11th,16th,20th,21th,23th,26th,29th October
Marco Caria15th,18th,28th October
AmeliaKeri Alkema7th,10th,15th,18th,21th,24th,28th October
Maria José Siri8th,11th,16th,20th,23th,26th,29th October
UlricaDolora Zajick7th,10th,15th,18th,21th,24th,28th October
Patricia Bardon8th,11th,16th,20th,23th,26th,29th October
OscarElena Sancho Pereg7th,10th,15th,18th,21th,28th October
Katerina Tretyakova8th,11th,16th,20th,23th,24th,26th,29th October
SilvanoDamián del Castillo
SamuelRoman Ialcic
TomAntonio Di Matteo
A judgeJoan Prados7th,8th,15th,16th,20th,21th,24th,28th October
José Luis Casanova10th,11th,18th,23th,26th,29th October
Amelia's servantJosep Lluís Moreno7th,10th,15th,16th,20th,21th,24th,28th October
Emili Rosés8th,11th,18th,23th,26th,29th October

Debut Liceu

Cast changes

Dmitri Hvorostovsky stops singing staged opera

Soprano Keri Alkema will sing the part of Amelia replacing Ekaterina Metlova

In the performance of October 21, 2017 the role of Renato was sang by Giovanni Meoni, due to an indisposition of Marco Caria.

In the performance of October 24, 2017 the role of Renato was sang by Carlos Álvarez, due to an indisposition of Marco Caria.

In the performance of October 24, 2017 the role of Oscar was sang by Katerina Tretyakova, due to an indisposition of Elena Sancho Pereg.


October 2017

7Saturday20:00Fee 2
8Sunday18:00Turn PDFee 5
10Tuesday20:00Turn GFee 5
11Wednesday20:00Turn DFee 5
15Sunday18:00Turn FFee 3
16Monday20:00Turn PEFee 5
18Wednesday20:00Turn BFee 4
20Friday20:00Turn PBFee 4
21Saturday20:00Turn CFee 3
23Monday20:00Turn HFee 5
24Tuesday20:00Turn AFee 4
26Thursday20:00Turn PCADFee 4
28Saturday20:00Turn EFee 3
29Sunday17:00Turn TFee 4

First act 52m
Interval 30m
Second act 30m
Interval 15m
Third act 50m 

Approximate running time 3h


Reasons why you need to see Un ballo in maschera

  1. Christian Lacroix revisits the Liceu with lavish costumes for one of Verdi’s best operas.
  2. Verdi at his most intensely passionate.
  3. One of Verdi’s titles which angered censors of the time.

Live in cinemas

Un ballo in maschera will be broadcast worldwide live in cinemas from the Gran Teatre del Liceu next Tuesday October 24th
Check HERE the list.