For the festive season: slyness and sex appeal in this amusing comedy by Rossini starring Varduhi Abrahamyan and Luca Pisaroni

L’italiana in Algeri espouses the cause of women's rights through the resourceful way its protagonist, Isabella, deals with the coarse Mustafà. Rossini was only 21 when he triumphed with this two-act farce, which consolidated his personal style and his status as the rightful heir of 18th-century opera buffa. Great arias and dazzling ensembles – like the one punctuated by onomatopoeia at the end of the first act – are just a few of the gourmet dishes on this hilarious Rossini menu. It has been 36 years since L’italiana in Algeri was last seen at the Liceu.

Riccardo Frizza will be back in the orchestra pit with an entire cast of specialists in this style of opera on the stage. The bright colours of director Vittorio Borrelli's mise-en-scène are very much in keeping with the imaginative spirit of Rossini's sparkling music.

L'italiana in Algeri

Dramma giocoso in two acts. Libretto by Angelo Anelli. World premiere: 22/05/1813 at the San Benedetto Theatre in Venice. First Barcelona performance: 28/08/1815 at the Teatre de la Santa Creu. First Liceu performance: 23/12/1869. Last Liceu performance: 18/12/1982. Number of Liceu performances: 13.

Artistic profile

Riccardo Frizza
Stage director
Vittorio Borrelli
Set desig
Claudia Boasso
Santuzza Calì
Andrea Anfossi
Fondazione Teatro Regio di Torino
Symphony Orchestra and Chorus of the Gran Teatre del Liceu
Chorus director
Conxita Garcia


MustafàLuca Pisaroni13th,15th,18th,21th December
Simón Orfila14th,17th,19th,22th,23th December
ElviraSara Blanch
ZulmaLidia Vinyes-Curtis
HalyToni Marsol
LindoroMaxim Mironov13th,15th,18th,21th,23th December
Edgardo Rocha14th,17th,19th,22th December
IsabellaVarduhi Abrahamyan13th,15th,18th,21th,23th December
Maite Beaumont14th,17th,19th,22th December
TaddeoGiorgio Caoduro13th,15th,18th,21th,23th December
Manel Esteve14th,17th,19th,22th December


December 2018

13Thursday20:00Turn BFee 4
14Friday20:00Turn EFee 3
15Saturday20:00Turn CFee 3
17Monday20:00Turn AFee 4
18Tuesday20:00Turn HFee 5
19Wednesday20:00Turn DFee 5
21Friday20:00Turn GADFee 4
22Saturday18:00Turn FFee 3
23Sunday17:00Turn TFee 4

Approximate running time 2h 45m


Briefing session

Audience briefing session in the Foyer 45 minutes before the opera begins.