Gift coupon purchase

If you are interested in acquiring a gift coupon, fill in the following form with your data.

El Liceu will charge you the indicated amount and will send the coupon to you by e-mail, so you can print it. We include both full color and black and white (eco-friendly) versions of the coupon. After printing it, you can gift it to whoever you want.

The coupon will contain a unique code, which will entitle its holder to exchange it for seats. The exchange can be conducted using any of the following options:

The person who buys the coupon is responsible for its use and distribution. In the event of duplicates or forgery, El Liceu will only exchange the coupon for the person who came first.

Coupons are valid for a whole year after they are sent to the user.

Details for the person who buys the gift coupon

Minimum 20.00 €