Don Giovanni


A production featuring striking visual effects

Seville, Spain. Don Giovanni's bid to seduce Donna Anna ends up with him ghting and killing her father, the Commendatore. In the ensuing imbroglio, Don Giovanni makes passes at girls and ees from jealous ancés, aided and abetted by his servant Leporello. In the end the ghost of the Commendatore carries off him off, still resolutely unrepentant.

The Liceu is fortunate to be able to offer two top-quality casts with Mariusz Kwiecien ́ and Carlos Álvarez in the title role.

Holten's hi-tech production is set amid impracticable platforms and stairs. Don Giovanni's mindset is re ected in the special effects, projected images, and excellent lighting.

Don Giovanni

Dramma giocoso in two acts. Libretto by Lorenzo Da Ponte. World premiere: 29/10/1787, Prague. First staged in Barcelona: 18/12/1849, Teatre Principal. First staged at the Liceu: 21/02/1866. Last Liceu performance: 30/07/2008. Total Liceu performances: 77

Artistic profile

Director musical
Josep Pons
Stage director
Kasper Holten
Amy Lane
Signe Fabricius
Es Devlin
Anja Vang Kragh
Lighting designer
Bruno Poet
Luke Halls
Stage director assistant
Leo Castaldi
Choreography assistant
Anne-Marie Sullivan
Fight choreography
Carlos Martos
Costume assistant
Bodil Damgaard Møller
Lighting designer assistant
John-Paul Percox
Video assistant
John-Paul Percox
Gran Teatre del Liceu, Royal Opera House (London), The Israeli Opera (Tel Aviv) and Houston Grand Opera
Symphony Orchestra and Chorus of the Liceu Opera Barcelona
Director of the Chorus
Conxita Garcia
Kai Gleusteen
Musical Director Assistant
Diego García Rodríguez
Musical Assistants
Veronique Werklé, Soojeong Joo, Dani Espasa, Vanessa García and Jaume Tribó
Glòria Nogué and Anabel Alenda


Don GiovanniMariusz Kwiecień19th,21th,26th,28th,30th June and 2th July
Carlos Álvarez20th,22th,27th June and 1th July
Il CommendatoreEric Halfvarson19th,21th,22th,26th,28th,30th June and 1th,2th July
Mariano Buccino20th,27th June
Donna AnnaCarmela Remigio19th,21th,26th,28th,30th June and 2th July
Vanessa Goikoetxea20th,22th,27th June and 1th July
Don OttavioDmitry Korchak19th,21th,26th,28th,30th June and 2th July
Toby Spence20th,22th,27th June and 1th July
Donna ElviraMiah Persson19th,21th,26th,28th,30th June and 2th July
Myrtò Papatanasiu20th,22th,27th June and 1th July
LeporelloSimón Orfila19th,21th,26th,28th June and 1th July
Anatoli Sivko20th,22th,27th,30th June and 2th July
MasettoValeriano Lanchas19th,21th,26th,28th,30th June and 2th July
Toni Marsol20th,22th,27th June and 1th July
ZerlinaJulia Lezhneva19th,21th,26th,28th June and 1th July
Rocío Ignacio20th,22th,27th,30th June and 2th July

Debut Liceu

June 2017

19Monday20:00Turn AFee 4
20Tuesday20:00Turn HFee 6
21Wednesday20:00Turn DFee 4
22Thursday20:00Turn BFee 4
26Monday20:00Turn PAFee 5
27Tuesday20:00Turn GFee 4
28Wednesday20:00Turn PCFee 4
30Friday20:00Turn EFee 6

July 2017

1Saturday20:00Turn CADFee 6
2Sunday17:00Turn TFee 6

First Act 90m
Interval 30m
Second Act 80m

Total running time (approx) 3h 20m

Information of Interest

Exhibition at the Balcó Foyer

Don Giovanni byMozart versus Liberation of women byLluis Ribas.

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