The Flying Dutchman


A top-notch cast for a new wagnerian production

Norway. The Dutchman, a young man condemned to roam the seas till he finds a woman who is faithful, meets Captain Daland who is sailing home. The Captain grants him the hand of his daughter Senta, but when her previous suitor returns, the Dutchman despairs and sets sail once more. Senta, whose love is sincere, sacrifices herself to save him.

The fine cast is headed by Albert Dohmen and Egils Silins as the Dutchman, and Elena Popovskaya and Anja Kampe alternating as Senta.

This perceptive production, by stage and cinema director Philipp Stölzl, reinterprets the tale by transferring it to the Daland mansion, where Senta is reading the legend of the Flying Dutchman. Fact and fiction intertwine as she imagines the events.

Der fliengede Holländer (The Flying Dutchman)

Romantic opera in three acts. Libretto by Richard Wagner World premiere: 02/01/1843, Dresden Opera. First staged in Barcelona: 12/12/1885, Liceu. Last Liceu performance: 04/09/2012 (concert version). Total Liceu performances: 86.

Artistic profile

Musical director
Oksana Lyniv
Stage director
Philipp Stölzl
Mara Kurotschka
Stage director assistant
Ulrike Jühe and Eleonora Herder
Philipp Stölzl and Conrad Moritz Reinhardt
Set assistant
Elisabeth Vogetseder
Ursula Kudrna
Costume assistant
Kristina Bell
Lighting designer
Olaf Freese
Staatsoper Unter den Linden (Berlin), original from Theater Basel (Basel)
Symphony Orchestra and Chorus of the Liceu Opera Barcelona
Director of the Chorus
Conxita Garcia
Musical Director Assistant
Daniel Gil de Tejada
Musical Assistants
Veronique Werklé, Pau Casan, Vanessa García and Jaume Tribó


DalandAttila Jun
SentaElena Popovskaya*2th,6th,10th,14th,18th,22th May
Anja Kampe26th,28th May
ErikTimothy Richards**2th,6th May
Daniel Kirch**10th,14th,18th,22th,26th,28th May
MaryItxaro Mentxaka
SteersmanMikeldi Atxalandabaso
The DutchmanAlbert Dohmen***2th,6th,10th,14th May
Egils Siliņš***18th,22th,26th,28th May

* By agreement of the parts involved, Elena Popovskaya will replace Emma Vetter in the role of Senta.
** By agreement of the parts involved, Timothy Richards and Daniel Kirch will replace Shawn Mathey in the role of Erik.
*** Albert Dohmen and Egils Siliņš will sing the role of Dutchman replacing Thomas Johannes Mayer, who removed this role of his opera repertoire list.

May 2017

2Tuesday20:00Turn AFee 4
6Saturday20:00Turn CFee 4
10Wednesday20:00Turn DFee 5
14Sunday18:00Turn PDFee 5
18Thursday20:00Turn BFee 4
22Monday20:00Turn HFee 6
26Friday20:00Turn EADFee 5
28Sunday17:00Turn TFee 5

Overture 10m
First act 40m
Second act 57m
Third act 27m

Total running time approx 2h 20m (without intervals)

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