Il trovatore

An updated version of the Liceu's own production

Saragossa, Spain. Manrico, the troubadour, and Leonora are in love. But the Count di Luna is also wooing Leonora and his younger brother was once kidnapped by Manrico's mother, Azucena. The Count captures and tortures Azucena and when Manrico tries to rescue her, he too is captured. Leonora intercedes by offering to marry the Count, but ultimately commits suicide. Then Luna kills Manrico and it is the dying Azucena who reveals that the troubadour was the Count's long-lost brother.

Il trovatore is back, sung by great voices, in a new version by Joan Anton Rechi, set in the timeless decors created by William Orlandi.

Il trovatore

Opera in four acts. Libretto by Salvadore Cammarano and Emanuele Bardare. World premiere: 19/01/1853, Teatro Apollo, Rome. First staged in Barcelona: 20/05/1854, Liceu. Last Liceu performance: 30/12/2009. Total Liceu performances: 275.

With the special participation of Carles Canut.

* Yonghoon Lee withdraw the production due to an family illness. 

July 2017

17Monday20:00Turn GFee 5
18Tuesday20:00Turn PEFee 5
20Thursday20:00Turn HFee 5
21Friday20:00Turn CFee 5
23Sunday17:00Turn TFee 5
24Monday20:00Turn AFee 5
26Wednesday20:00Turn DFee 5
28Friday20:00Turn EFee 5
29Saturday18:00Turn FADFee 5

First part 1h 10m
Interval 30m
Second part 1h 04m

Total running time (approx) 2h 45m

Programa de mà

Conèixer a fons la nova producció de Il trovatore en paraules del propi director d’escena Joan Anton Rechi, que parteix dels Desastres de la guerra de Goya per sorprendre a l’espectador. La Calcografia Nacional ha cedit els gravats que seran el fil conductor d’aquesta nova proposta. El text  del periodista Enric Calpena completa el contingut amb els períodes històrics de la peça i l’època de Verdi.

Preu 10€

Compra ara

Disponible en català i en castellà. Recollida a partir del dia de l'estrena al Teatre.

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Question & Answer

Monday July 10, 2017 at 6pm
Foyer del Liceu (enter through c/ Sant Pau)
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