La Fille du Régiment


Camarena at the head of a glittering cast

Swiss Tyrol. Marie, a young orphan, has been adopted by a regiment of soldiers. She meets Tonio, a civilian, and falls in love, but the soldiers oppose the marriage until Tonio enlists in the regiment. The Marquise de Berken eld claims Marie as her lost niece, takes her to her castle and tries to educate her to be a nobleman's wife. But meanwhile, Tonio and the regiment refuse to give Marie up...

The Liceu presents this new version of Laurent Pelly's much lauded production, which combines social criticism with a keen sense of humour, against a background of beautiful scenery.

A glittering cast, headed by Javier Camarena, Sabina Puértolas, Ewa Podles and Simone Alberghini, sing this refreshingly amusing opera by Donizetti.

La Fille du Régiment

Opéra-comique in two acts. Libretto by Jules-Henri Vernoy de Saint-Georges and Jean-François-Alfred Bayard. World premiere: 11/02/1840, Opéra Comique, Paris. First staged in Barcelona: 30/08/1844, Teatre Nou. First Liceu performance: 06/11/1850. Last Liceu performance: 25/03/2010. Total Liceu performances: 35.

Artistic profile

Director musical
Giuseppe Finzi
Stage director
Laurent Pelly
Christian Räth
Stage director assistat
Albert Estany
Chantal Thomas
Laurent Pelly
Costume designer assistant
Jean-Jacques Delmotte
Lighting designer
Joël Adam
Laura Scozzi
Choreography assistant
Karine Girard
New Dialogue Version
Agathe Mélinand
Gran Teatre del Liceu (bssed on the original production of the Metropolitan of New York, Covent Garden of London and Staatsoper of Viena)
Symphony Orchestra and Chorus of the Liceu Opera Barcelona
Director of the Chorus
Conxita Garcia
Musical Director Assistant
Helena Bayo
Musical Assistants
Veronique Werklé, Rodrigo de Vera, Alfredo Abbati, Vanessa García and Jaume Tribó


MarieSabina Puértolas
Marquise of BirkenfeldEwa Podleś
Duchess of KrakenthorpBibiana Fernández
TonioJavier Camarena
SulpiceSimone Alberghini
HortensiusIsaac Galán
CoporalCarlos Daza
NotaryOlivier Decriaud

May 2017

16Tuesday20:00Turn AFee 2
19Friday20:00Turn EFee 3
21Sunday17:00Turn TFee 3
24Wednesday20:00Turn DFee 3
27Saturday20:00Turn CFee 3
29Monday20:00Turn HADFee 4

First part 78m
Interval 30m
Second part 50m

Total running time approx 2h 50m